Rev. Dr James Movel Wuye

Co-director Interfaith Mediation Centre

Rev. Dr. James Movel Wuye is a Pastor and co-director of the Interfaith Mediation Centre; an organization based in Kaduna, Nigeria with over 20,000 members - reaching out to the militias and training the country’s youth, women, and other leaders to become civic peace activists. He mediated in Kenya, after the disputed election of 2007/8, and has fostered trust-building in Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Australia, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Israel, Canada, New Zealand and inside a British prison.

His work has earned him numerous awards, including the Peace Activist Award of the Tanenbaum Center of Interreligious Understanding, New York; Honorary Doctorate degrees from Boston University, USA, Glasgow University, UK, and Kolkata, India; a Heroes of Peace Award from Burundi, Ashoka Fellows Award; the Search for Common Ground on Interfaith Cooperation Award, Washington DC, USA; the Bremen Peace Award from the Threshold Foundation, on Interreligious Understanding, Germany; the inaugural Foundation Chirac award for Conflict Prevention, presented to them by former President Jacques Chirac, the 2014 German-Africa Prize, and UNOAC BMW Group Innovative Award 2017, AROSCSA Fellow and numerous other Awards locally and internationally.

Dr. Wuye has been nominated twice for the prestigious Noble Peace Prize award. He is currently channeling his energies into creating awareness of his ‘Peace Trees Project’ where he is raising 6 species of common trees that are beneficial to livestock and crop farmers within the Sahel and Guinea Savannah region in west Africa to combat the effects of climate change.