Maria Gaye

Library Curator

She is Library Curator and she Graduated from the Senghor University of Alexandria in Management of Cultural Enterprises, she is responsible for documentation at the University of Health Sciences of Dakar, and she holds a diploma as a library curator at the school of librarians, archivists, and documentalists (EBAD) of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, in marketing communication, and in management of cultural enterprises at the Senghor University of Alexandria ( Egypt), I present a complete profile both as a specialist in information processing, but also as a communicator and curator of information. She wrote a dissertation focusing on access to information during the covid 19 pandemic in Senegal: resilience strategies within the Dakar common documentation service. This conference will be a draft to talk about my hybrid experience, in a rather particular context (the covid 19 pandemic) In addition since December 2021 I have held the position of head of archives and documentation at the University of Health Sciences in Dakar. I am responsible for developing the university’s documentary policy by ensuring the organization of the electronic document management tool for the university.