Dr. Neyu Ishaku Iliyasu

Director Community Health Kaduna State Ministry of Health

Dr. Neyu Ishaku Iliyasu, is a  Public Health Physician with over 13 years of field experience, in addition to designing and implementing health interventions and health system strengthening.  He heads the Family and Community Health Department in the Kaduna State Primary Health Care Board for over half a decade, innovatively implementing government policies that support service delivery.

Worked with, and supported partners to achieve the state’s goal of providing quality services, improving access, and generating demand by working with the participation of the community, its structures, and civil societies. Led in the development of Kaduna state service delivery documents including Minimum service package, Service delivery plan, integrated demand creation, and Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan among others.

He coordinated the immunization supply chain and achieved a functional and reliable logistics system for immunization as well as a slow and fast cold chain ward level saturation in Kaduna state. Supported the establishment of KADSERICC,  G-ANC and Coordinated the establishment and implementation of nutrition interventions that led to having Community Management of Acute Malnutrition and stabilization sites.

He Supported the conceptualization of the integrated IEC materials in Kaduna State and the implementation of integrated demand creation.  In the elimination and eradication of diseases, he supported the Polio Eradication Strategy as the Public Health Emergency Operation Centre Incident Manager and is currently leading in the Polio endgame and post-certification strategy, as well as other emerging outbreaks in need of inter-ministerial, inter-departmental or inter-Agency Coordination.