Eltena Rethman

Eltena Rethman

Head of Training and Development at Community Chest, Western Cape

Eltena Rethman has a vast range of experience, specifically within the NGO and Development Sector and in Higher Education where she serves as an ad-hock and guest-speaking lecturer. 

Her love for Community Development and the Social Development Sector started more than 24 years ago when she first worked as a community worker with the City of Cape Town. Eltena is a multi-talented development practitioner with a wealth of expertise and skills ranging from NGO and Early Childhood Development practitioner development to initiating and conceptualizing community-based projects and campaigns, training and development interventions: conceptualizing course and training content, advocacy programs, fundraising, and resource mobilization, practitioner professionalization, and organizational development and steer heading organizations into the digital economy. 

Academically, Eltena has obtained a formal qualification in Early Childhood Development, a BCom Management, and a BA Honours in Development Studies and she is currently completing the final stages of her Masters in Education 

Eltena's research interests focus on adult and practitioner development with a strong focus on building robust "Communities of Practice" to bring about transformative change within the Early Childhood Development and NGO Sector. She has a special interest in digitization, data analytics, and technology. Eltena firmly believes that the world is changing rapidly and therefore, all organizations who have not moved to digitization and integrative platforms yet will be "left behind"!

"We live in a time where the world is rapidly changing, specifically in the context of technology. Everyone needs to think innovatively, utilizing their access to technology intelligently".

Currently, Eltena serves as Head of Training and Development at Community Chest, Western Cape where she runs national NGO and ECD development training series courses.