The 6th Annual AROCSA Conference 2022

Now in its sixth iteration, the 2022 AROCSA Conference will be the first in-person conference for African civil society researchers and practitioners to come together, exchange knowledge, and interact since 2019.

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Conference Overview

Since its inaugural conference held in May 2016, in Lagos, Nigeria, AROCSA has explored a number of themes in its annual conferences. These include ‘Africa in a Changing Global Context: People, Production, and Politics’ (2017), ‘Understanding and Navigating Regionalism in Africa’ (2018), ‘Leveraging Technology for Effective Government and Civil Society: A Review of Africa’s Digital Renaissance and Innovations in Civil Society (2019), and ‘Towards a more Sustainable Civil Society in Africa: Inclusion, Governance, and Impact’ (2021). 


The 2020 conference was postponed due to the COVID pandemic. While these previous themes no doubt remain relevant in Africa’s developmental discourse, there are other equally pressing issues that present existential threats to African communities and ecosystems that require urgent attention. 


Against this background, the sixth annual AROCSA conference interrogates the role of African civil society in safeguarding and supporting human and environmental health on the continent in the face of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which exposed the fragility of health infrastructure across Africa, as well as the increasing menace of climate change and how it threatens the existence of not only whole communities and ecosystems, but also how it impacts physical and mental health, livelihoods, food security, biodiversity, resource governance, and economic development on the continent.

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Who Should Attend?

The event is designed to provide a space for interaction and engagement between and among civil society scholars, practitioners, policy experts, as well as representatives from government, regional organizations and business.

This year’s conference format seeks to encourage robust discussions among African CSO practitioners, policy experts, and researchers investigating issues around sustainability, climate action, human health, and impact both at the organizational and community levels with the goal of throwing up solutions and fostering collaborations that can lead to real meaningful impact at the grassroots level.

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Meet Our Speakers


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Conference Schedule

AROCSA 2022 Conference full schedule of keynotes, activities & panels. All times are GMT.


Press Conference

Meet and greet with the press, conference organizers and AROCSA

Opening Plenary




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Welcome Dinner

9:00 - 9:10

Opening Remarks

9:10 - 9:30

Keynote Address

9:30 - 10:00

Tribute to Innocent Chukwuma

20 mins

Coffee Break

10:30 - 11:30

Panel 1: The role of state and non-state actors in pandemic and disaster preparedness and response in Africa

A whole-of-society approach to pandemic and disaster preparedness and response emphasizes the significant roles played not only by the health sector but also by all other sectors including CSOs, government, the business community, the general public, and multilateral development agencies, in mitigating the effects of pandemics and disasters.
11:30 - 12:30

Panel 2: Poverty, climate change, and biodiversity in Africa

This panel discusses the linkages between poverty, climate change, and biodiversity, and how key stakeholders including CSOs, and regional authorities can work to create more effective mechanisms for addressing these interconnected challenges.
12:30 - 13:30


13:30 - 14:30

Panel 3: African civil society advocacy agenda for sustainable development and climate change

This sponsored panel session by Development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) will focus on the experience of CSOs in the Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health at Scale (PACFaH@Scale) project in Nigeria.
10 mins

Coffee Break

14:40 - 15:40

Panel 4: Safeguarding and Supporting Human and environmental health in the context of climate change

Focusing on the overarching theme of the conference, this panel discusses the linkages between human and environmental health and highlights the role CSOs must play in ensuring that governments and authorities at national, regional, and continental levels are held to account in ensuring not only that the right health and environmental policies are in place, but that they are also implemented effectively to safeguard and support the health of all Africans, as well as the communities that they live in.
15:40 - 16:00

Extended Q&A

16:00 - 16:10


16:10 - 16:20

Closing Remarks

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